Heather picking her navel lint while thinking about sleep...

I joined face book this past week, coerced by a friend who I've know for 18 years. I talk to her at least once a week, what could we accomplish on face book. She wants me to view her pictures. After 3 days of face-booking I have 15 friends. I am so popular... Wee!
I can see why face book is so popular:it's easy, simple, and clean. The little blurb at the top is like sending a text message to all of your 567 close personal friends. It's design makes the most mundane of tasks seem special. "Heather is watching Smallville and popping a zit, while petting her dog." Go me!
I just don't get the appeal. Facebook tells me I can search for old high-school classmates, or in my case, the small few who knew I existed. "Reconnect with old friends", they say. Well there is a reason I de-connected with them. "But don't you want to see who is doing what and who married who?" That makes reunions obsolete which is probably a good thing. Marriot hotels around the country will now be spared the former high school jocks slugging on Vodka tonics while hitting on divorced cheerleaders as they gyrate to Debbie Gibson. No, I really don't care that Doug, my first crush, married Pam, head cheerleader and had three kids and now live in suburban bliss. Or that Ian, the wrestler who called me names is a fat depressed lawyer.( Ok, that was satisfying when I ran into him back in West Palm Beach)
Some of my new 'friends' on F-book, I've met once or twice and it easy to stay updated. And that's the issue for me- in the old days communication was hard: hand written letters, paid phone calls, and road trips. If the person is worth keeping, I'll do the work. I keep the page for now and keep my new aquaintances abrest of my business. My close circle, I'll call on the phone and fly a plane to see them. That's why I can count my true friends on one hand. And they are friends forever.

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If I win the lotto tonight I will never ask to

To win the Lottery again. I hold two tickets in my hand for the 111 million jackpot. The last time I played was... three years ago in North Carolina. On my way home from a summer camping week, I stopped at a gas station. The man in front of me bought a ticket for the 120 million. I saw it as a sign. I spent the next six hours drive dreaming of how I spend the money. In my Days Inn room I watched the news. I lost.
Do you know the story of the guy who prayed to god every week to win the lottery. After years of prayer. God spoke... "Ok, Ok...stop nagging, at least buy a ticket."
I told this joke to my friend this week and tonight I had to run out to buy my last diet soda. (Tomorrow I am starting a juice fast). My bodega man was running tickets into the machine. It was a sign. The convo:
Heather: "Is the lotto tomorrow?"
Bodega Man: "Mega Million tonight"
Heather: "How much is it worth?"
BM: "one to eleven million"
Heather: "that's all, huh...what about tomorrow"
BM: "only 5 million"
Heather: "Did somebody win the 96 million from last week?"
BM: "Mami, nobody won, ess tonight. one hundred eleven million."

He showed me how to fill out the ticket. I bought two using my and my friends B-days. Now I am dreaming of what I will do.
The wish list:--Pay off Debts--Buy modest two bedroom Central Park West apt near Fairway.--Get my mother the best in hearing treatment.--Quit job and do medical mission trips. --Donate time and money to animals.--Take lots of singing and dancing classes. --Go to for masters in nursing and writing so I can teach nursing and be a better writer. --Audition and make short films.

Put the money in the bank and have my father manage it so I don't become one of those lotto winners who end up worse that they started off.
--Support mad scientist so my father can live forever.

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A Chef, I'm a Chef

What is it about Thanksgiving, or any major holiday, that turns the average take-out fiend into a master chef. Or someone who thinks they are a master chef. There's something about the smell of cooking meat that makes one feel accomplished. In my case it was garlic and sun dried tomato. I created a veggie lasagna that won everyone over. Layers of yellow squash, zucchini, and eggplant nestled in between Fontina and Parmesan cheese. I took about two hours and I made my own pesto for the sauce.... Yummy! That's Chopped Broccoli and Sun dried tomatoes on the top. Beware of Over-cheesing, You'll pay in the morning.

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Barry Manilow-Always the Punchline

Noise Violators Sentenced to Listen to Barry Manilow

A friend sent this to me, she knows I love Barry. One first glance at the Headline, I thought that he was the sole auditory punishment. In case of noise pollution, the judge forces the dammed into a room to here any music they don't like: Barry, Barney the Dinosaur, and the Platters.
Would rousing choruses of "I love you, you love me, were a happy family...." or "Oooh Mandy, well you came and you gave...." bring out the quiet lover in you?
Looks like it works for this small Colorado town.

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